Do i need wireless?

Answer I would use wireless if I were you, it's much easier than wires trailing all over the house. Sky are doing a really good offer right now if you live in the U.K!

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Do i need to have wireless broadband to use a wireless router?

no!any ISP broadband service can be made wireless you just need to add the wireless router to your systemif pipex provide a USB modem then that needs to be replaced with a modem/router base station... Read More »

What do I need to set up a wireless connection to a non wireless computer?

just plug the yellow ethernet cable into the back of your PC from the hub... but if you want to make it wireless just get a dongle from somewhere like argos ...I have tried many brands of dongle an... Read More »

I have a wireless laptop and router. i think i have installed it correctly. do i also need a wireless usb adap?

No. You would need that if your laptop didn't have a wireless card.

Need to buy a new pc. is the hp wireless a good one?

Could you be more specific about the computer? HP makes a lot of computers, so i dont know the exact one that you're talking about. But in general, anything made by HP is usually pretty good.