Do internet usernames such as "hotbabe" or "cutegirl" send out the wrong message to confused male browsers?

Answer It sends out a message that they are immature by using that in their username, which would make them a target for the perverts. Obviously you are forgetting how popular it is to be a lesbian nowad... Read More »

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If you send someone an offline instant message and then delete them, will they still get the message you sent?

Yeppers, its gone when you send it....aint no stopping it either

How do you send a message to other users in your LAN using net send command?

net send [ip address] or [name of computer] [yourmessage]

Internet browsers aren't opening?

I don't know how to solve your problem, but how are you online now? Another computer? Also, you should definitely get an anti-virus program. It is definitely worth it to get a free program like ... Read More »

My internet browsers won't work with steam.?

You can open a sealed envelope with steam. sadly to be able to open a internet browser you need a computer or minimum wap enabled device.