Do ipads affect other wireless devices?

Answer Yes. And the other devices can affect the iPad, too.

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How are wireless devices connected?

Via low powered RF. Each device needs to be paired to avoid interference with like devices. Most operate around the 2.4GHz frequency range and have an operational radius of about 10 meters.

The Best Wireless Storage Devices for Macs?

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What happens when you have too many wi-fi devices connected to the wireless router?

Depends on the router. Some are hard coded to only allow "x" number of IP addressees behind their NAT. Some aren't.Bottom line, $75 consumer routers don't have very much memory or a very powerful... Read More »

Geolocation of devices connected to my wireless router?

You cannot identify the physical location of any device using you wifi, or who is using it, specialist equipment can do this but is is not available to the public.You can assume that anyone using y... Read More »