Do isps put a limit on how many IP addresses can be assigned to computers on a network?

Answer Within your network there is no limit. However, you are generally only allowed 1 IP address to represent your network to the internet.

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How long do ISPs save IP addresses in the UK?

FBI Director Robert Mueller told a House of Representatives committee in April of this year that he believed that Internet service providers should be required to keep records of users' activities ... Read More »

What is the default IP address a router is assigned on a network i,e how to login to your routers...?

I believe it is try that! good luck

Do different computers have differnt IP addresses?

I am assuming that you have a router installed with an cat5e cable. That router will do somehting call NAT (network address translation). That will give you private ip addresses from your ISP addre... Read More »

How can i find out my computers ip and dns server addresses?

Go to Network Connections > and then double-click on your internet connection >> Details... you'll see them right there....~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~