Do it Yourself Record Turntable Repair & Adjustment?

Answer Several problems can occur after longtime use of a record player turntable. Most are easy to diagnose and fix. To help you identify problems you probably can repair, here are tips.

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How do I Repair a 1974 Dual Record Turntable?

Dual, a German electronics company, has been manufacturing turntables and record player technology since the late 1920s. The Dual 1229 turntable was manufactured from 1972 to 1974 and operates at t... Read More »

I recently bought a used microwave oven. The enamel coating under the glass turntable tray is rusted in a ring around the track that the turntable rotates on. Should I repair this or is it ok to just use it as is — AA, Kettering, Ohio?

As long as the oven's metal bottom is sound underneath the rust, there isn't a problem. The cooking chamber walls are so thick and highly conducting that they reflect the microwaves extremely well ... Read More »

How Does a Record Turntable Work?

A record turntable works using a rotating disc engraved or grooved with wavy lines which are then traced by a needle. The needle vibrates according to the lines it traces, and thus produces the sou... Read More »

How to Repair Turntable?

To repair a turntable, first troubleshoot according to the manufacturer's manual. A common problem is that the toe arm is damaged and needs to be replaced.