Do most Windows users still use windows xp?

Answer Yes!I am running Windows XP on top of Mac OS X.Windows Vista seems to be accessing the hard drive all the time causing computers to become slow.

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How can I stop Windows XP users from using my program?

Just don't support XP, announce that you aren't and don't worry about it. If most of the features are too much trouble to implement then they won't use it without it. If they find it useful witho... Read More »

I have windows vista and recently updated my windows live, now i can not access windows messenger, help plzzz?

Safety or Tools, go to addons and make sure it is enabled.

Windows 7 account controls for limited users?

It matters on the verison of windows. Home no. Professional yes.You can use the Group Policy editor and make any specific setting accordingly.But you should be careful as its a very powerful editor... Read More »

Windows 8 help: how can I go back to using windows 7 on a windows 8 laptop?

Install a start menu and you'll think you're using Windows 7. Here's a list to choose from and most of them are free.…- Dominic