Do people get notified when you hide their wallpost on facebook?

Answer If it's a post they tagged you in, they'll still see it on their wall.if they posted it directly to your wall, the only way they can tell that it's deleted is by going to your page and realizing th... Read More »

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Can people see when I veiw their Facebook profile?

No they can't because FB does not provide that facility.And that figure you give is complete nonsense becausethere are only 86,400 seconds in one day [24 hours] whichproves you are a complete fanta... Read More »

I accidentally notified about 75 people on Facebook that I don't like them!?

Set your status as something like "sorry guys if you recieve something saying i don't like you, somebody hacked my account :/" lol thats what i'd do.

Do you find it stupid when people like their own statuses on facebook?

it's like giving yourself a high-five in public(:

Why do people hide themselves on facebook?

Heh... Ironic question from someone whose questions and answers on Yahoo Answers are private!Seriously, whatever reasoning prompted you to hide your answers and questions on your profile here is pr... Read More »