Do people remember stupid things you write on facebook?

Answer NO!! not everybody only the stupid people! lol

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Why do people fight about stupid things?

It's society everyone wants to be right even if they know they are wrong. It would be nice to have more people to accept others and be more open but if everyone were like that then what debates wou... Read More »

Do you find it stupid when people like their own statuses on facebook?

it's like giving yourself a high-five in public(:

Does anyone remember ten bob And, if so, what's the best thing (or things) you remember buying with it?

In 1969, when I was 5 years old, our next door neighbour gave me a 10 shilling note. I was delighted with what I called "paper money", although I couldn't tell the difference between a 10 shilling... Read More »

How can i improve my complexion and remove my acne on my skini dont want stupid ans from stupid people.?

Sounds simple - but don't use soap. No cleansers, no lotions - nothing - just plain clean simple water.Once it's cleared up - use a gentle shower lotion, face cleaner etc for sensitive skin if you ... Read More »