Do these computer thingys still exist?

Answer Google virtual reality

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How Many Computer Languages Exist?

Hundreds, if not thousands. Many obscure languages created in universities and software companies might never have been used by anyone except the creators of the language. The most notable ones are... Read More »

Do 'mesh' filter screens for computer monitors still exist?

You could just make one. I imagine Pantyhose would do the trick and would stretch right over the monitor.

If everybody in the world turned there computer off, would the internet cease to exist?

yes as for every computer to be off this would mean all the pc's at the server farms providing the web pages you view would be turned off too.

Are these new mini laptop/notebook thingys any good?

The flash based ones are pretty tight on the storage front, the slightly larger ones with hard drives (e.g. EEEPC 1000 series) are generally a better bet IMOThe screen resoloution is generally rath... Read More »