Do these disc that speed up your computer?

Answer Discs are a storage device and may be able to run programs, they cannot speed up your machine. If you want to speed it up, shut down unused programs through Task Manager.A footnote for the future:A... Read More »

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Speed up your PC by removing useless Apps that come with a new computer?

Many new PCs have a range of applications pre-installed by the manufacturer. These can include security tools, media players, maintenance programs and office software, and some of these installed a... Read More »

I am intrigued by your assertion that the speed of light is the fastest speed in the universe. It seems to me that we wouldn't be able to determine the fastest speed achievable in the universe, just as we can't find the final number in math. When we'?

Your comparison between the limitless counting numbers and the limited speeds in the universe is an interesting one because it points out a fundamental difference between the older Galilean/Newtoni... Read More »

Are there ANY antivirus programs available that don't slow your computer down to the speed of a snail?

Yes it is avast!. My system has a 128 MB ram and i installed norten and it slowed down my computer. so i would recommend you a free download of avast! from this program is totally free and you need... Read More »

If the train track gets bumpier in effect with increasing speed, why is it that your car bumps less when you go over a speed bump fast instead of slow?

Actually, if you drive fast over a real speed bump, it's not good for your wheels and suspension. The springs in your car do protect the car from some of the effects of the bump, but not all of the... Read More »