Do these disc that speed up your computer?

Answer Discs are a storage device and may be able to run programs, they cannot speed up your machine. If you want to speed it up, shut down unused programs through Task Manager.A footnote for the future:A... Read More »

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I have xp recovery disc but had to have new hard drive fitted now disc wont take computer back can anyone help?

Recovery disk can work on a new drive depending on the model.You need to change your start up sequence in the BIOS to select your CD first. This is easy to do, but it is different on every model.Y... Read More »

How to Put Pictures on a Disc from the Computer?

Copying or transferring digital pictures from a computer to a media disc is a convenient way to create a portable slideshow. Burning images on a CD-ROM or DVD provides compact storage while freeing... Read More »

Inserting a disc in to my computer...?

If your drive doesn't have a tray that slides out, you can't use that size of disk in them, period. Slot drives can't properly position a mini-disk under the drive spindle.TIP: You could ask a fr... Read More »

Can i reboot my computer without the disc's.?

No you can't format to manufacture standard without the dics.