Do u care how many likes u get on a pic on Instagram or Facebook?

Answer I use to care how many likes I had. When i use to post a photo and if it didn't have over 80 likes I would delete it. Then I realized it was making me insecure and an egocentric cow. So I simply ac... Read More »

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1,400 likes on Facebook too many for a 13 year old?

It is not wrong to kids. but morrally it is... its sad society today is based on how cool/daring you are or how attractive you look like... Now kids who dress normal dont get as much of the attenti... Read More »

How do people get so many likes on their Facebook photos?

maybe cos they r popular or something u can take some pics and it has to be good then put other stuff and be popular on FB they will all like it!! ok!!bye XX hope i helped

How to get followers and likes on instagram?

ok, well to start off u have to keep in mind that it's a bit late so u will get more news in the morning, 2. u have to start off and follow people that u want to follow and like their posts and the... Read More »

How to get likes/popular on Instagram?

I will look your instagram.tell your friends to "like".