Do you agree that bebo should be shut down?

Answer The site is good, especially for teens. I love how it has schools and colleges, that's real cool. I don't believe it should be shut down. I think they should shut down my space before the littler ... Read More »

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Who would agree with me that Traffic Roundabouts are a genius invention, Agree, Disagree, & Why?

They are theory, when drivers use then in the way they should! Here in Spain they have had them for the last 20 years, but still cannot go round the properly, cutting from the inside acr... Read More »

Why does my C Cleaner prompt me to shut down google chrome when it is shut down altready?

Looks like Google is going the same way as Apple and Adobe, in that they have to have their stuff running constantly in the background so they can track what you are doing, usually for better targe... Read More »

My PC with windows XP has very slow shut down.How can i restore it to normal shut down?

go to "Start > Run", type "msconfig" there. Then select "Startup" tab and uncheck all unnecessary programs to run, then restart your computer then try to shut down. If you see that it is still slow... Read More »

My 106 Peugeot rear doors won't shut they need a bit of force to shut them?

It's easy enough to adjust them if you know what you're doing, you just loosen the striker plate and move it slightly, BUT....get it wrong and the door won't close at all. Could also just be the hi... Read More »