Do you delete people from facebook?

Answer Not always. If there's someone that's bugging me or harrassing me or something then I will delete them.

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Why do people just delete people off Facebook for no reason?

Wen I move to my new school, I'm deleting some people from my facebook cause I hardly talk to them but they still add me just cause they know me. I like adding ppl who i can talk to from time to ti... Read More »

How do you delete people off facebook?

Just go to your friends list and click on the x to delete them

Facebook, group do delete people?

Go to friends and it will give you the option to remove/delete people.Kara

Will facebook delete profiles that belongs to people's pets?

Yes, Facebook is likely to delete profiles belonging to pets. Facebook regularly checks its records to see if such accounts exist and delete / suspend them where necessary. You can also report such... Read More »