Do you fear anything in your "on-line" life?

Answer Aww Bunches, didn't realise you was such a sensitive soul..!I think the same as Wackyone, if one of my fave contacts (and you is one of 'em boyo!) was to remove me from their list and block me I'd ... Read More »

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How to Read Palms: Life Line?

Palm reading is an old tradition practised by many cultures. It continues to be quite popular in many areas of the world. Here you will learn how to read the life line on your palm.

I just don't know what to do with my life. How did you decide what line of work to go into?

Bolster up our CV add positive comments like "I am hard working" and "I am very good at..." Don't be downhearted. Find a job that you like, so long as it pays you enough to support your standard of... Read More »

The fear of becoming a" has been", keeps many from becoming anything?

Not trying is the failure everyday you wake up and you have to push yourself,,,,,,If you don't ,,,Who will??Fear is a nasty thing One must TRY to over comeThe quote above,,,,I'd rather be a has bee... Read More »

Fear of being on a boat why?

Maybe it's just the movement of the boat which is upsetting your balance very slightly and this in turn is giving you a sense of uneasiness. Or maybe slight agoraphobiaYou don't say which Country,... Read More »