Do you find that after smoking a pack, most of the ash graduates to your computer screen?

Answer You must be using a CRT monitor then because that is the only type that produces static electricity to pull the ash to the screen.I've got an LCD one and it doesn't do it.The blurriness you'll find... Read More »

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Suppose that you fall out of a plane about 30 seconds after your parachute pack fell out. Is it really possible to catch up to your parachute pack and save yourself?

The answer depends on how high the plane was flying and just how much air resistance the pack experiences as it falls. After a few seconds of falling, an object reaches a terminal velocity—it sto... Read More »

Does anybody know any companies that will come in to your house to pack and move your stuff to your new home?

Most moving companies will do this. Of course, you have to pay for it. Just break out the ol' yellow pages and start calling.

What are your rights after recently buying a used car , that you later find faulty?

"...can you sue the seller?"Certainly. You probably won't win, but there's nothing to stop you wasting your money trying, is there?"What is the law regarding this?"Trade sale - the vehicle must be... Read More »

How to Improve Your Breathing After Quitting Smoking?

You've already taken the first, most important step to improving your lungs' health --- quitting smoking. According to the American Heart Association, blood circulation and carbon monoxide levels n... Read More »