Do you get frustrated when a facebook friend won't share their picture?

Answer Maybe they have not got an up to-date picture, but if you keep asking them nicely I am sure they will oblige in the very near future.

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Did he deny you or just won't accept?I had that same problem but then my friend "remembered" me and she accepted me.But getting back to the topic..1) Did you tell him that you were gonna add him? I... Read More »

How to hide a certain picture from a particular friend in facebook?

When you upload it you should see in the grey box bit 'Public' Or whatever your privacy setting is set too.. Click that and click 'custom' then you can type in the 'dont share with' box who you don... Read More »

I see a tagged picture of my daughter on a mutual friend's facebook page but not hers. Am I being blocked?

Not exactly. She could of hid the photo from her timeline because she didnt like it. And if she did block you from seeing her tagged photos it wouldnt mention her being tagged in that photo.

I made a fake facebook account of someone and my friend got a hold of it and commented on a girls picture.?

If the account has been deleted nothing will happen