Do you get to do other fields of work as a systems analyst?

Answer I am a system analyst, and I actually did help coordinate the install of a camera system for my company. System analysts are generally good at managing technical projects so they may be called on t... Read More »

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Can light be bent by electric fields, magnetic fields, and gravity fields If so, can these fields be made to make light travel in a circle — RS?

Light consists of electromagnetic waves, meaning that it is composed of electric and magnetic fields. While light isn't affected by other electric or magnetic fields, it is affected by gravitationa... Read More »

What do i need to become a Systems Analyst?

No you don't need a degree to be a SA, but SOME employers (eg. the consultancies) do prefer their staff to have one, or even have a degree as a prerequisite.But...IMHO SA is not actually a very int... Read More »

Why are the attributes of a Systems Analyst important?

Because without the necessary attributes you will not be successful in the chosen occupation. The skills required are:Critical Thinking — Using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and w... Read More »

How many hours do business analyst have to work?

The have to do a lot of training over the years and have a university degree and work long hours. * Analyze and scope the area of analysis, working with project managers and business sponsors to... Read More »