Do you have an ip address for mobile phone internet browsing?

Answer Mobile data works basically the same way as Native Address Translation (NAT), but the mobile network doesn't use IP internally. Mobile phones don't have an IP address. Mobile phone uses the operato... Read More »

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How connect from mobile to laptop by using bluetooth for internet browsing (nokia 5130,hp laptop)?

Use the Nokia PC Suite, the old one, not the Nokia Ovi Suite. From there you connect your phone to the PC using bluetooth and select "Connect to the internet" on the Nokia PC Suite.

While browsing internet suddenly my phone turn off then i turn on but all my contact numbers were deleted?

Its your mobile phone carriers problem they reset it, had it happen to me before to you have to call them and thell them they messed it up they do have the ability to fix it. They did mine same thi... Read More »

Can you connect a laptop to the internet by using the mobile phone network?

Yes, you can. A mobile phone connected to a PC via data cable, infra red, or Bluetooth, can act like a dial-up modem, assuming it has data connection capabilities (any phone with WAP should do). Yo... Read More »

Kindle Fire wifi internet connection with mobile phone?

If you have a smartphone android or iPhone you can setup tethering which turns your phone into a portable wifi hotspot. Most mobile operators will charge extra for this however so check your tariff... Read More »