Do you have any ideas how I can get more votes?

Answer If you able to spend little, you can get more and more votes by giving your job to web site like You will have to pay $ 0.05 or $ 0.10 for a vote. But if your return is more than t... Read More »

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Ideas for Getting Votes for Student Council?

The most important part of running a student council election is convincing students to vote for you. As you plan an election campaign, consider your unique audience and plan ways that you can reac... Read More »

How Are Votes Counted?

These days most votes are counted using an E-voting system. This is a computerised system which helps to speed up the counting process and is a lot more accurate. In some cases a small amount of ma... Read More »

What happens if no-one votes at the election?

As the situation will never arise, no law will have been put in place. I believe that if in an election the result is a draw , the Returning Officer has the casting vote , so if no one voted the re... Read More »

How to Get Contest Votes?

While contests require an investment of time and energy to win, social networking and other Internet communication portals can make scoring your dream prize easier. With a broad marketing strategy,... Read More »