Do you have any ideas how I can get more votes?

Answer If you able to spend little, you can get more and more votes by giving your job to web site like You will have to pay $ 0.05 or $ 0.10 for a vote. But if your return is more than t... Read More »

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Ideas for Getting Votes for Student Council?

The most important part of running a student council election is convincing students to vote for you. As you plan an election campaign, consider your unique audience and plan ways that you can reac... Read More »

If you have more volts is it more energy (like a stun gun—is it better to have one with more current or volts or both)?

Volts is a measure of energy per charge. Thus if you tell me how much charge you have and the voltage of that charge, I can tell you have much energy that charge contains. I simply multiply the vol... Read More »

Once you have broadband and server set up can you use it on more than one computer and not have to pay more?

You won't pay more for the connection itself but if you are using two machines instead of one you are likely to use more bandwidth as two machines typically download and send more than one machine!... Read More »

Times have not become more violent. they have just become more televised! Marilyn Manson quote, any comments?

True in some respects, as we now have massive media coverage from all directions, but we also have illegal drug and drink problems that lead to more and more violent crimes and there is a definite ... Read More »