Do you have to save all your personal things to the cloud in Windows 8 or is there an option to not?

Answer You don't have to save anything to SkyDrive. If you use a Microsoft Account then it can save things like your color settings but do you really care if Microsoft knows your favorite color?- Dominic

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How can I save settings and personal stuff when reinstalling windows xp?

Go to start/ programs /accessories , scroll to back up use the advance mode, backup documents , system state in other words the c:drive to a external drive , reinstall windows xp

How to link Personal Cloud Storage to tv?

The livebook is connected to your network, so your tv has to have the ability to connect to your network as well.In order for your TV to connect to your network, the TV has to have the 'SMART' capa... Read More »

How do I save my contacts from my iPhone 4s when I restore it without cloud?

You can sync it to your computer, just make a backup then restor

Why doesnt it give me an option to save my msn contact list?

I don't think MSN has that feature anymore.