Do you hold my domain ?

Answer Yeah I hold it; heard you were going for it so I bought it out first. Cost me £16. I'll sell it to you for £23 000. Deal? Great.

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Exchange Mail Domain VS Active Directory Domain?

Domain names are registered through an organisation called Nominet in the UK.You don't order the name directly from Nominet - you go through a domain reseller. names are a special case beca... Read More »

Branded Website Domain Name vs Keyword Domain Name?

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What is domain name and domain name structure?

You own the rights to the domain, its yours on a lease, simple.

Does anyone know a .net domain that is i**.net i no its i something something .net?

And you didn't think that it was that important to write down and recordall that kind of information in the first place?There is no way we can help you with that. There must be millions ofdomains j... Read More »