Do you know when the first mobile phone mast was set up?

Answer Around 1985 in the UK - hubby was working for Motorola hand in hand with Nokia engineers doing the very first installs of mobile base stations. They were actually doing test calls at that time, so ... Read More »

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Mobile phone question, is it illegal to use a mobile phone at all times in a car while driving or can you?

In the UK it is illegal to use a mobile phone while driving (or stationary with the engine running), unless you are using your mobile to call the emergency services (999/112). You can, however, use... Read More »

What Is a Phone Mast?

A phone mast, more commonly referred to as a cell phone mast, cell tower or cell site, is essentially an elevated large and powerful radio transmitter and receiver coupled with the computing techno... Read More »

Does anyone know if you can get these mobile phone videos on youtube?

MAKER of Harry the Hamster & Friends: k9oggyPlace's to find him: youtube username username harry the hamsterjust to name a couple (Yahoo search is now your friend)Billy the Na... Read More »

Does anyone know of any other mobile phone that has this facility?

I'm not sure about text messages but i have a LG cookie and i can connect it to the computer and it lets me do stuff to just about every part of my phone, on the PC, which is useful as it can be a ... Read More »