Do you like myspace or facebook better?

Answer FACEBOOK! more grown up:Dnever got myspace never fancied it , seem sded boring when my firends are on it!everyone has facebook and dont bother with twitter thats shyte!x

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What do you like better, myspace or facebook (for the people that have/had both)?

I started myspace to keep in contact with my brother when I was younger. Once facebook started, I opened an account. I now use facebook on a regular basis to keep in touch with friends and family... Read More »

What is the site thats like facebook and myspace...that sounds like 'beeber'...?


It all depends on you.1. How many more friends do you have on either site? 2. Do you like to have the ability to customize your page however you want, or do you like a nice clean profile?3. Ease of... Read More »

Whats better, facebook or myspace?

Tbh ive found its an age thing, like you start off on myspace then after a year or so, you move onto something more professional and no more tacky layouts. Facebook started later but the staff behi... Read More »