Do you love your computer as much as I love mine?

Answer I do, i am on mine every day hunni. Its my baby!!

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I love England, I love the freedom!! Why do you love Great Britain?

I don't know why but I am proud to be British. Perhaps it's our history and our Military.

I really love long hair and im waiting 4 mine 2 grow now is there any thing i can use 2 acelerate my hairgrowt?

Shikakai (Indian soapnut) powder, mixed with a little water and used like shampoo.Worth it just for the picture of the beautiful Indian girl on the box!

Is it true you can't love cars unless you've made love in a car?

WOW! all these answers and only one person realised that it was a Noel Edmonds quote, and it was on the Yahoo page yesterday.

What Are the Differences Between Romantic Love & True Love?

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