Do you only need 1 computer and 2 montiters to get a double screen computer?

Answer As long as the video card or system in the computer has two separate video outputs, yes.If it's a machine with built-in video on the motherboard, it may only support one monitor - in that case, you... Read More »

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A blue screen on my computer keeps popping up and it causes my computer to switch off,what should I do?

This is a very bad sign for computers. It probably means your motherboard, CPU or memory - or a combination of them, are kaput.If you are using Windows NT, you can go back to the last known configu... Read More »

I want to connect my xbox360 to my computer screen via my computer(xps420) how do i do that and what do i need?

All you need is the Xbox 360 VGA A/V cable. They are relatively cheap and provide good video quality. One end connects to the Xbox the other to the Video input port of the computer monitor. I haven... Read More »

How can I hook my TV up to my computer so that I can sort of use it has a computer screen?

If you have a high definition TV and it has a computer video monitor connection, GO FOR IT. Otherwise, it will be blurry and dorky looking. There are cooler things to do with your computer.

What do you call the plastic sheets used on computer screen so only people in front can see the screen?