Do you only need 1 computer and 2 montiters to get a double screen computer?

Answer As long as the video card or system in the computer has two separate video outputs, yes.If it's a machine with built-in video on the motherboard, it may only support one monitor - in that case, you... Read More »

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I been told i need a router and receiver to allow me to use my computer in any room i only have 1 computer?

you dont need a reciever. if your laptop has wireless built in then all you need is a wireless router. it should give you range of up to 300 ft with most routers. if your laptop does not have wirel... Read More »

I want to connect my xbox360 to my computer screen via my computer(xps420) how do i do that and what do i need?

All you need is the Xbox 360 VGA A/V cable. They are relatively cheap and provide good video quality. One end connects to the Xbox the other to the Video input port of the computer monitor. I haven... Read More »

What do you call the plastic sheets used on computer screen so only people in front can see the screen?

I have a 19" computer monitor but the image shown is only on a 3rd of the screen, how can I expand it?

If you are saying that your browser window is small but your desktop fills the screen, maximize your browser window.If you are saying that your whole desktop uses only a portion of the screen, find... Read More »