Do you purposely annoy other road users because they are too close or beep at you when you have done nothing?

Answer yes I'm a culprit of serious road rage!!!

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I am a 23 year old guy and I've done nothing with my life, I have nothing to show for it. What can I do?

First of all, you need to get some confidence in yourself... always remember there are people im worse situations than you, and that your lucky you have identified problems that you can solve.Secon... Read More »

Is it unfair dismissal when u have been done for something that every one else does and they ant been done 4?

They haven't been caught and you have. Tough break but not a lot you can do about it unless you can prove that you are being victimised.

Who is more dangerous to other road users?

1st, An animal on the pavement Etc very unpredictableA driver too sure of them-self,With respect, the elderly driving at that speed is a danger not only to themselves but to other people, these dri... Read More »

What drives you mad about other road users?

Boy do I understand! I also drive for a living and the thing that really gets me is all the people I see running red lights! I have almost been hit several times, one of which, would have, at least... Read More »