Do you remember before the days of PS, when there was "Pong"?

Answer Oh YES! And you know what? The games, although basic, were just as playable, if not more so, than those of today!My sister and I, only 8 and 5 years old, used to sit in front of the old CRT screen ... Read More »

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Does anyonee remember remember the good old days of the SEGA MEGADRIVE?

Yes I remember them well. I had Sonic, Lotus Driving Challenge, others that I've forgotten. Oh, yes and I hd Jungle Strike, where you flew around in a little helicopter - Fantastic.My abiding me... Read More »

How do you remember all your different passwords for everything these days?

Whole truth i have to write them down.I have about 9.AND did some young lady tell us her past word>Why?

Remember the old CRT monitors for computers The good old days...?

You realize that you can't "UN-see" something...

Does anyone remember ten bob And, if so, what's the best thing (or things) you remember buying with it?

In 1969, when I was 5 years old, our next door neighbour gave me a 10 shilling note. I was delighted with what I called "paper money", although I couldn't tell the difference between a 10 shilling... Read More »