Do you remember before the days of PS, when there was "Pong"?

Answer Oh YES! And you know what? The games, although basic, were just as playable, if not more so, than those of today!My sister and I, only 8 and 5 years old, used to sit in front of the old CRT screen ... Read More »

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Does anyonee remember remember the good old days of the SEGA MEGADRIVE?

Yes I remember them well. I had Sonic, Lotus Driving Challenge, others that I've forgotten. Oh, yes and I hd Jungle Strike, where you flew around in a little helicopter - Fantastic.My abiding me... Read More »

By law when a tax disc expires how many days are you given before your car can be towed or clamped?

Well you are giving enough time to get a new tax disc before your tax disc is out of date but now they are really strict and they know as soon as its out of date and you get an £80 Fine. so make su... Read More »

When a hard drive is formatted, is there any way of finding files that were there before the format?

it's Easy Use Recovery program i recommend easy recovery professional

Remember the old CRT monitors for computers The good old days...?

You realize that you can't "UN-see" something...