Do you remember ?

Answer Aye I remember Amandas ever so well, as a matter of fact this put me off my study at college back in 2003. Shame it's gone though, miss it.

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Does anyonee remember remember the good old days of the SEGA MEGADRIVE?

Yes I remember them well. I had Sonic, Lotus Driving Challenge, others that I've forgotten. Oh, yes and I hd Jungle Strike, where you flew around in a little helicopter - Fantastic.My abiding me... Read More »

Does anyone remember ten bob And, if so, what's the best thing (or things) you remember buying with it?

In 1969, when I was 5 years old, our next door neighbour gave me a 10 shilling note. I was delighted with what I called "paper money", although I couldn't tell the difference between a 10 shilling... Read More »

Anyone remember this ad?

Can anyone remember?