Do you think Facebook will go out of fashion I hope so. Your thoughts?

Answer I really don't see what the hype is. I get advertisements on MY page because ONE OF MY FRIENDS like something.It's full of retarded politics. Stupid meme (i hate that word) pictures that were funny... Read More »

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Ipad mini is out... your thoughts and when do you think the Ipad 4 will be out?

The iPad 4 is out already. Apple released it with the iPad mini, adding some minor tweaks to performance and stuff. So if the iPad 5 would come out next year, I am placing my money on the end of th... Read More »

What are your thoughts on teachers being friends with pupils on facebook?

There are certain levels of it being appropriate and inappropriate. Let's take a look at the two as we list the reasons why they can be labeled under the category:Appropriate if:- teacher is good f... Read More »

If someone had under 80 friends on facebook, what would be your thoughts of them?

i wouldnt think anything either way - the number of friends someone has doesnt tell you anything about what type of person someone isit's childish to worry about such things

Speed cameras ! Saving lives or making cash" I myself think their just a money maker whats your thoughts?

Personally I think that they are nearly all about money ,one mobile unit in my area set's it's self up at the end of a straight piece of road just before you have to slow down to take the bend,now ... Read More »