Do you think Facebook will go out of fashion I hope so. Your thoughts?

Answer I really don't see what the hype is. I get advertisements on MY page because ONE OF MY FRIENDS like something.It's full of retarded politics. Stupid meme (i hate that word) pictures that were funny... Read More »

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If someone had under 80 friends on facebook, what would be your thoughts of them?

i wouldnt think anything either way - the number of friends someone has doesnt tell you anything about what type of person someone isit's childish to worry about such things

What are your thoughts on teachers being friends with pupils on facebook?

There are certain levels of it being appropriate and inappropriate. Let's take a look at the two as we list the reasons why they can be labeled under the category:Appropriate if:- teacher is good f... Read More »

Why do people put their deepest darkest thoughts on Facebook?

Definitely attention seeking. None of my friends have done this (that Ive seen anyway), but there is someone on my list who puts as her status "*** is doing the washing, then taken her daughter to ... Read More »

Why do parents caption children's presumed thoughts on photos on facebook?

The same reason people do most things on Facebook, because they have no life.