Do you think an english brand having a foreign name is misleading?

Answer i'm not sure the company name is hugely relevant..the brand of your product i would say is more important. Your company name could just be your surname for instance.HP sauce for instance - i cannot... Read More »

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As an English speaker, what do you think is the easiest foreign language to learn?

Spanish. The pronunciation is completely consistent. If a letter or syllable is pronounce one way in a particular word, it is pronounced the same way in all other words. The gender of a word is gen... Read More »

I can't think of a clothing brand name for my self HELP?

Why do so many people think that its cool to wear name brand?

i wear hand me down t shirts with a big rip in most of them..... im cool. ok not really cool but i dont get made fun of. besides if feels gooooood.

Please help me... Dont think about my bad English.... My computer brand is acer ..... Acer fg?

Hello,You need to be a little more clear with your question.What is it that you have a problem with and need answering?