Do you think facebook is a waste of time?

Answer Its a complete waste of time

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Is Facebook a waste of time?

By facebook do you mean hitting a snitch with a book in the face until he talks then yes facebook is a waist of time, try facebrick.

Does anyone think work is a waste of time?

yeah, because at the end of the day the sun will exploded and everything will be destoryed, even the rich people who move to the moon. It might well be in 300 million years but it will happen.

Do you think that taken out house insurance mite be a waste of time?

if you live in a reasonably safe environment then yes its a waste of money.of course im only talking about contents insurance not building

MySpace, Facebook, Twitter etc, are they a waste of time?

Yes, they are highly addictive and fairly pointless. You will find yourself faced with a deadline of sorts, either with university dissertations or account reports for your job, yet you will waste ... Read More »