Do you think it strange ... when I put a mouse in via USB the touchpad has stopped?

Answer .if it does not work when you un plug mouse.tryon vista ~click on windows icon bottom right~type ~mouse ~in search boxa mouse icon should be top of list under programs above filesclick on mouse yo... Read More »

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I have a strange sound when i click my touchpad bottom left and right pads ,it sounds echoe to ,?

Hello, to begin with, make sure the mouse (touchpad) settings are correct:If this does not fix the problem, download the ‘touchpad’ driver and any soft ware from the internet and install them. ... Read More »

My Acer laptop touchpad has stopped working. What should I do?

Try Fn+F7. My Acer laptop is an Aspire 4520 and this is the key combination in enabling the touchpad.Fn key is located in lower left corner. F7 is one of the function keys at the top center of ... Read More »

How to Disable a Mouse Touchpad in Windows 7?

A touchpad on a laptop computer can be an advantage for users looking for an intuitive way to navigate their desktop. But some users prefer a standard peripheral mouse due to personal or profession... Read More »

How do i change to a plug in mouse from the touchpad on my laptop?

Just plug in a USB mouse. Should work straight away once XP has recognised the hardware.