Do you think its a bit cheeky if the neighbour tries to steal my wireless internet connection?

Answer Further to earlier (mainly correct) answers, depending on your router model and your level of expertise. You can change the name of your SSID to something they aren't aware of and then disable the ... Read More »

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Can i stop my neighbour using my wireless internet connection?

Yes!If you use a wireless router, you can enable WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) or a similar security protocol to prevent others from hijacking your connection. I suggest searching the web for WEP... Read More »

Neighbour getting my wireless connection?

Means he can log on to the same signal you are sending out for yourself. Meaning he is "surfing the net" with it. He could be malicious and interfere with your pc, but the fact that he told you say... Read More »

How does the internet get to my comp from the routercould my neighbour be stealing my internet connection ?

If you have wireless Internet yes your neighbor can definitely be using it.

Can i tell if someone maybe a neighbour is sharing my wireless connection?

Reset your modem to it's original state and then go through the setup procedures so that you can create another password. Consult your user documentation or google your modem brand and model to fin... Read More »