Do you think that its good that im 88 years of age and can use a computer?

Answer you're never too old to use a PC. i have many customers that are still buying web hosting from me that are older than you!My oldest client is 96

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How can I speed up a 7 years od computer?

blob is right, buy a new one. upgrading a 7 year old computer is too expensive and not economical at all. you're better of buying a new one

How will computer technology be 10 years from now?

All touch screen and voice commands! And the specs I would say unlimited on what you are prepared to pay for it.

Is it unusual for a computer to last 7 years?

Well a PC will run as long as possible if you take good care of it. I sometimes clean out my insides of my PC from time to time to stop dust settling on the CPU etc.My PC is quite old, about 5 or ... Read More »

I am Graduate. I am doing job computer operator. I want to do MCA. But i am 26 years old. Can i do MCA?

If you mean Microsoft Certified Architect, look on here:-…Age has nothing to do with it.