Do you think that its good that im 88 years of age and can use a computer?

Answer you're never too old to use a PC. i have many customers that are still buying web hosting from me that are older than you!My oldest client is 96

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Do you like that food that they serve in cafe's that they call Scwubble and Beak I think that it is potato?

That woman who was jailed for 4 years for killing a cyclist while texting at the wheel - too severe I think?

My personal opinion it that if a cyclist wants to use the road, they should be required to have license, insurance and be liable for any and all damage they cause. This cyclist failed to stop at a... Read More »

Guys Do you not think that some expensive perfumes are passion killers Why do girls think that guys like them?

I was told I smelt good last week and I wasn't wearing perfume but I was not long out of the shower.

What 2 years degree do you suggest that is a good one in medical Field?

radiology tech.. thats what im doing!also, physical therapist assistant is a good one