Do you think this would be good for me?

Answer the link doesnt work for me

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Do you think it will ever be possible to build/create different atoms up to carbon or perhaps even gold (the alchemist's dream) You would have to use fusion, wouldn't you Would this be a good source of energy — JB, Norman, OK?

As you noted, this process of sticking together smaller atomic nuclei or nuclear fragments to form larger atomic nuclei is called fusion. Many smaller nuclei release energy when they grow via fusio... Read More »

Do you think this is a good advertisement design Alot of people said I'm a natural... What do you think?

Well, considering it's ebay and not Macy's....I look for price. The image doesn't mean that much to me, but if price wasn't an issue on an item, I would probably buy the messy desk skanky one.Why?B... Read More »

Would this be a good job and would it make me a good living?

Anything's worth a try. You can always try it and see if it works. Sounds to me as though it could be very seasonal. But it would be good to live out in Spain for the summer months and earn money d... Read More »

As the weather is not very good today on this Good Friday, we may as well............... what do you think?

Go to the nearest church (any denomination will do) and say a few prayers for your family, the poor, the suffering and anyone else you can think of who is in trouible.You'll feel better!.