Do you turn your computer off?

Answer I always turn it off when I go out or to bed....

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How do you reset your password if you have forgoten it, for your computer to turn it on?

To make a new account with Administrative privledges....reboot the computer.....when you see the black screen...tap f8 repeatedly till you see a black screen with white with you... Read More »

Is it best to turn off your computer every night, or leave it on?

Best to turn off for a number of reasons.Save electricityProlong life of components within the computerCertain items will need refreshing which is done during rebootI'm in charge of a PVC mixing pl... Read More »

Why when you turn your computer off you have to press start?

You're a bit late with that one aren't you?! LolApparently Microsoft has changed all that for Windows Vista. I think it's a symbol, but I wouldn't know yet cause my computer would crash if I tried ... Read More »

Why is it that to turn your computer off you have to press the start button?

Quite simply when you want to do anything on the computer you have to start doing it, so if you want to turn it off you have to start turning it off.You realize of course the start button does not ... Read More »