Do you turn your computer off?

Answer I always turn it off when I go out or to bed....

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Does it matter how I turn off electronic devices I have installed a power surge strip and it's easiest for me to simply turn off that strip. Is it better for the devices to turn them off individually first For the computer itself, I perform the shutd?

As long you shutdown the computer first, turning off the power strip is fine. Essentially all modern household computer devices are designed to shut themselves down gracefully when they lose electr... Read More »

If I turn my computer off for 2 weeks will it still have all info on when I turn it back on?

Resolutions change back when i turn the computer off and turn it back on again?

definitely sounds like a driver issueif it goes from low res to really high res, it could be a default setting or auto adjust setting, check your GPU control panel

Computer will not turn on?

Its not a virus, Not going to retype what the person above said but to add to to it. If its not the motherboard or power supply problem, it might be your video card.When my video card died, i had n... Read More »