Doea anyone know of any good free software to get rid of Spyware?

Answer I have a legal and moral obligation to keep my pc 100% clean. And I use an antivirus/spyware program out of Beijing, China. -- This program has kept me 100% clean for the pa... Read More »

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Where to find free security software such as spyware?

adaware, spybot search and destroy, spyware blaster are all free and very good, most software finds spyware where there is none just to scare you into paying for there product, the 3 i mentioned ar... Read More »

Free, Effective Anti-Spyware/Virus Software?

Lavasoft Ad-Aware. . . AVG, Avira, you could spend 30 dollars, and go to walmart and get McAfee Total Protection 2008. It's well worth it. I have it. . . . . If you don't wanna spend any money, go ... Read More »

What do you think of PC TOOLS free anti virus, firewall & spyware/adware software?

Stick with AVG 8.0 for combined realtime Virus and Spyware. Much different than older 7.5…Avira Antivir has the best Virus detection, but no spyware (unle... Read More »

Where can i find a good free anti - spyware on the web. Preferably not just a free trial?