Does 118 118 know everything?

Answer They know normal general knowledge. Most of the questions they get asked (about 85%), are asked again & again, so they have a standard answers already written.Ask the quickest way to get rich - The... Read More »

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Does anyone know who supplies the products for everything £

They are likely to be liquidated stock or specially made for the site, but if there's a name inside, Google and see if the manufacturer will sell one direct to you.

Does anyone know when everything opens in Skegness?

I have heard that we "know" the universe is expanding because everything is moving away from everything else. My question is: if this situation is like ink dots on a balloon, then we should be able to point to the direction of the universe's center. ?

The "ink dots on a balloon" idea provides the answer to your question. In that simple analogy, the ink dots represent stars and galaxies and the balloon's surface represents the universe. Inflating... Read More »

I need to know everything about suits quiick?

Ace 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,Jack Queen King .Hearts Ditto .ClubsDitto. Diamonds Ditto. Spades Ace is sometimes high ,sometimes low, depending on the game ,the rules and the stakes If you play with joker... Read More »