Does Anyone Know These Protocols?

Answer A LAN Protocol is Token Ring.WAN is Frame Relay.sorry but i'm not sure about the others as I am looking for the same thing.Actually I also WDOG (watchdog) for Workstation.

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Does anyone know what these are called?

Ear Candling is what that is called.There is no special name for the 'sticks' they are just hollowed out candles.

Does anyone know where i can buy these shoes (PICS)?

Does anyone know the average salaries for any of these jobs?

Fireman = £16,500 to £40,000 a year.Policeman = £19,000 to £55,000 a year.Royal Marines = £14,727 for non-graduate entrants, to £149,000 a year for the highest ranked officers.This is what I... Read More »

Does anyone know how long these eCRB's take?

UK. My Enhanced took 6 weeks. Some come through in 2/3 weeks.Depends how busy they are.