Does BT wifi tell you what sites have been most viewed?

Answer BT WIFI will not divulge such statistics, but the link below will;…Regards, Bob.

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How long does a video need to be viewed for before it says it has been viewed?

The second you press the play button. But you cannot re watch it twice and get 2 view counts for it. 1 view count per URL, no matter how many times you watch it.

Is there any web sites that will check other web sites to see when they have been updated?

I did some research and found these fairly quickly by doing a search for "check for website updates"If you're using Firefox there are two Add-ons you may want to check out:https://addons.mozilla.or... Read More »

How Do I Check What Has Been Viewed on the Internet on My PC When the History Has Been Cleared?

Most Web browsers save a record of the websites you have visited. This can be helpful if you ever want to return to a website that you've browsed but you don't recall the URL. It's possible to dele... Read More »

Can people see what i have been looking at because i was on there WIFI?

Some routers (esp. FiOS) can be set to record websites visited and there are open-source programs that can intercept traffic from a computer by telling the computer they are a server. If you want ... Read More »