Does Gaming affect the Broadband's bill?

Answer It looks like you have exceeded you monthly download allowance. BT will then charge for every GB thereafter. If you allowance is 10GB they charge £1 for every GB you go over. £200/3 = £66.66 per... Read More »

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How Much Do Lights Affect an Electric Bill?

Rising energy costs or the loss of a job can cause you to examine your habits at home in an effort to reduce your power bill. Lights are among the most frequently used electrical items in your home... Read More »

Does low downstream affect online gaming?

ping effects games more then top speed since each user of a game server is limited to transmitting a certain amount of megabytes to the server, now top speed does help in downloads but so does how ... Read More »

At least once every evening my BT broadbands disconnects.?

Your router or modem may be dropping the connection. Troubleshoot with your ISP.

Payed a bill by cheque and its cleared company still say i owe bill what can i do are they stealing or commiti?

Get a copy of your cleared check ( a xerox, or from the bank)call the phone number on the bill they keeps sending you.tell them you have the cleared check, and where should you send it, to prove to... Read More »