Does a expensive router make your computer run faster?

Answer Hello Marc C,The more expensive routers were not designed to make a computer run faster. The processing power of PCs are within its own system.The internet is already presented to your from your IS... Read More »

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Does more RAM make your computer faster, even if you are not using all of your current RAM?

this is a common misconception,processors make your computer go faster,the ram(memory makes it run smoother with more ram the computer will run faster but not "go faster "in raw power ... Read More »

How can you make your computer faster!?

First of all, go through your computer and find unnecessary programs/files. This bulk hinders your performance.

How to make your computer faster?

Apart from all the obvious which you seem to have deleting cookies>>Temp files>>Defrag>> You can also go into Add/Remove programmes & delete whatever you don't need anymore. Here's som... Read More »

How do you make your computer faster?

follow that ::--1.CLEAN YOUR TEMPORARY FILES AND OBSOLETE REGISTRY ENTRIES REGULARLY. how ?? --->Download CCleaner and run it’s Cleaner section, once daily, before shutting down your computer. It... Read More »