Does any one know what primary DNS means please post some answers?

Answer I thought it was Domain Name Space or Server. You have to get the code from your Internet service provider, that much I do know.

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Does anybody know what this means please. message on my pc?

try a System Restore to go back before the incident happened.

Does anyone know if i would beable to purchase a automatic for a lotus exige only definate answers please?

Well el w we are not all wanting to be "drivers" of "drivers cars" some of us want autoCan only suggest that you speak to the dealership. If there is an option as el w seems to think not then the... Read More »

British answers only, please: please could you recommend some reputable buying and selling sites?

EbayAmazonGumtree (I sold my treadmill on this site within 2 days!) Also, there are now some Facebook pages/groups that are for selling stuff in your area for example "Aldershot and surronding area... Read More »

Why do some people who use Yahoo Answers apparently not know what a search engine is?

Unfortunately, not all of us yet understand 'search engines' when you get thousands of results back. It is easier to 'talk' to people to get an answer you understand. A lot of it depends on how the... Read More »