Does anybody know where i can get a job in computer building if not thanks?

Answer try your local computer shops or businesses, there are quite a few around and even if you go for a job in sales you can usually get to learn a lot about building comps, if not you will get to meet ... Read More »

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Building a computer pSU ?

NEVER cheap out when it comes to your power supply!!!As all generic, no name, PSU vendors tend to grossly overstate the power rating of the crap they sell, I advise you not to buy a no name PSU. Be... Read More »

Computer building help?

Hmmm. Are you buying in pieces while technology slowly eats away at the value?I prefer the low power use and efficient gaming processing of Intel core i over the AMD set, and Toms Hardware agrees:h... Read More »

Building my first computer #2?

I like your build, its gonna be an awesome rig as long as you get a better graphics card. The Radeon HD 7750 is not a good card at all. It's a stark contrast to all of your other high-end compone... Read More »

Do you need an SSD when building a computer?

Actually when "building a computer" you technically don't need a hard drive at all. What is it you would like to do with the computer? Edit your question and we can tell you if its worth it for you !