Does anyone else get annoyed when people "like" lots of facebook groups?

Answer Yes it annoys me because you can't hide their 'likes' without hiding the person. At least with things like MafiaWars and Restaurant City you can choose to hide the application so that when people ... Read More »

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Does anyone else get annoyed when they see someone smoking while driving?

yes! i agree. i always think it would serve them right if they had a can smoking not be distracting? you are suppose to have 2 hands on the wheel, what if they drop it in their... Read More »

Does anyone else get annoyed when sellers on eBay expect you to leave them feedback first...?

Whenever I get that email I always respond by saying that once I receive the product I will leave appropriate feedback, but since my end of the bargain is completed they can feel free to leave my f... Read More »

Does anyone else get really annoyed by the fact...?

LMFAO @ your note to Prince Henry.I found it bare jokes. Yh, its well annoying.I always put mine on away or busy,And only wait for one or two people to say hi,But everyone else says hi,And the peop... Read More »

Does anyone else use people like this?

Depends on the pleasure Lucy gets from serving you. Of course, if you were a harsh master and you knew she enjoyed it you would immediately cease to do this act.Oh it's such a complicated subject,... Read More »