Does anyone else reply to 'noreply' emails; just for kicks ?

Answer Yeah, all the time. it's like talking to toll free :) except sometimes you expect it to be a robot and it's not... Awkward

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Does anyone else just hate Mondays!?

YES!!!! Not sure if anyone else gets it but just lately I've been experiencing that Sunday school night feeling we all used to get during our school years! Remember it would kick in about 7pm Sun... Read More »

Anyone else being sent spam emails about a lottery win?

Never open or answer them, just delete them!Sadly they now know your e-mail address is open and active, and will have sold your name on to other spammers. Some of these mails are tests to see if yo... Read More »

Has anyone else had emails from 'everyday banking' called Rubenstein?

No, but then my 'spam filter' catches most 'phishing' emails ...Come on, don't you recognise an ATTEMPTED FRAUD when you see it ???

Does anyone else have trouble with talk talk broadband or is it just me it"s sh e?

The main problem with Talk Talk is their first line tech support are rubbish, however their second line are really switched on.problem is it can take hours to get through first line, and they close... Read More »