Does anyone else think that facebook......?

Answer I agree, Love myspace though. I think facebook should left for the older, more boring crowd.

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(Motor-bikes) Does anyone else think that Ad' 'Think' is brilliant where the guy on the motorbike....?

it would be very nice if life was that way. if you want to see one even better than that (will put a bloody big grin on any bikers face) check out you tube and search for 'a day out in devon.

Facebook..does anyone else think the new layout is crap?

Yes!You can go back to the old facebook.follow these simple instructions.....THIS IS HOW U GO BACK:Copy the first link (below) to ur browser. Read More »

Does anyone else think Kim Kardashian isn't all that ?

I am on that bandwagon as well. I see no talent in her of any kind.

Does anyone else think that this is a real timewaster!!!?

Lol I came in for a quick look 6 weeks ago, have been here ever since!!! Beware its addictive powers.