Does anyone find it annoying to use laptop on the sofa?

Answer First this is not laptop this is notebook [which brand u have]Check sure that ventilation holes or spaces r not blocked when ventilation is under notebook and not used in AC it will heat abnormall... Read More »

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Does anyone else find this annoying?

yeah well its a bastard, deal with it as we all have to

Who else find this annoying about car carpets?

I agree 100%. If you have a dog or a cat, their hair sticks to every type of automotive carpet I've ever seen - and most vacuums can't get it out unless you just beat the everloving crap out of th... Read More »

Do you find this sooo annoying?

Positioning on roundabouts should be easy, but as you say some drivers seem to make a right pigs ear of it. I find its best to just keep an eye open for the idiots and avoid them.

Do you find it annoying when people type like this:?

I think the overuse of caps is much more annoying -- for two reasons. One saves on keystrokes, which is lazy, but not stupid... while the other one is a deliberate additional effort to be stupid.A... Read More »