Does anyone have a B.T home hub (wireless PC connection)?

Answer BT are usless, they messed me around for 2 weeks and over 4hours on the phone.Just because they couldn't seem to understand that the engineer had not been.Get shut of them as quick as possible, I c... Read More »

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I have lost my wireless connection to my BT home hub?

r/click the icon on the diagnose and repair

I don't have any phone connection at home, is it possible to have an wireless internet access ?

yes you can get a 3g card, which plugs into your laptop T Mobile is the best for coverage

How do i get wireless internet connection for a laptop if i have a normal wired broadband at home?

what you need to do is have a talk to your isp(internet service provider) and explain your set up at home and they should be able to recommend a wireless package aol are doing a wireless... Read More »

Why does it say that my laptop is wireless when I have to have a battery and wire connection on it to make it?

Ah, take no notice if people are rude!I have been using pcs about 10 years now but i remember vivedly when it was all new..........I took my new laptop to work and handed it to our IT specialist an... Read More »