Does anyone have a job vacancy?

Answer How about a business opportunity for someone who wants to be in charge of her own destiny?

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Where shall I advertise my vacancy?

Ok, There are many methods explained in the article directory below. It focuses just on advertising methods.Further more it lists free/low costs and expensive online/offline methods so you will get... Read More »

What is a buyer vacancy?

Shops that sell things often need people to buy the things they sell, so they hire buyers. At the entry level, a buyer would be in charge of keeping up the stock of items already ordered by the st... Read More »

How Often Does a Vacancy Occur in the Court?

Job vacancy in the court depends on how many staff members have retired or resigned. Vacancy in the court will also depend on how many new positions are created due to increase in workload.


It is the latest way for companies to get people to work for free in the hope that they will get a permament position.If given that option I would tell them to stuff their job...